Wanna Hang Out? Clotheslines YAY or NAY?

"There's a whole generation of kids growing up today who think a clothesline is a wrestling move," 
    Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier, (on lifting Ontario's clothesline ban.)

created on: 06/30/08

Clotheslines have a lot going for them, they're free, they make things smell nice, they don't use fossil fuels, you don't have to plumb or plug them in, you don't have to sit in a non-air conditioned laundry room guarding them so no one makes off with your unmentionables, when they're not in use they practically disappear... all good stuff.
They're also ILLEGAL in some cities. Until April Toronto was one of those cities. Clotheslines were banned on aesthetic grounds.
I'm not sure that hanging out your skivvies would have landed you in sing sing, but still...

My question is, fellow Curbliers, where do you,  (or your City/State/Province) stand on Clotheslines?
Do you have one? Want One? Hate them with a fiery passion? Are there any Cons to add to my list of Pro's?
I would genuinely love to know as at home (in England, and most of the rest of Europe) they are completely ubiquitous. Even in the teeniest of outside spaces, or even just in open windows.

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