A House with a Drawer Bedroom

A House with a Drawer Bedroom

Located in Gelnhausen, Germany, the Living Room house by Seifert Stoeckman has 52 windows and a sliding drawer bedroom, just in case you want to sleep under the stars. 

created at: 03/27/2013

Talk about a unique piece of architecture! Head on over to Coolboom to see more photos of this unusual building.

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created at: 03/27/2013

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Anonymous on Apr 02, 2012:

Oh noooooo! Here comes a tractor-trailer truck! ... 

Jenny Devon on Mar 18, 2011:

Europe has got some of the most interesting architectural displays I've come across, and especially in Germany and Holland, where architectural limits know no bounds. Another German building I love is the Forest Spiral in Darmstadt.

Pond Forum on Feb 26, 2011:

That house is amazing. They just need a nice pond =) <a href="http://www.pondforfish.com/forum/index.php"> Pond Forum</a>

Maggi Veltre on Oct 04, 2010:

I stayed in a cheap hut on the beach on an Indonesian island. The adjoining bathroom was open to the stars and sunshine. Awesome place to take a shower!

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