Death Star for Kitties

Looking for a sinister place for your feline chum to hang out and plan the downfall of the rebellion? Found!

This is the Litter Robot 2. (I'm assuming Litter Robot 1 got a taste for kitties and had to be shut down a'la Robocop)

created on: 06/23/08
It's selling points?

  • It self cleans!
  • It's really really sinister! 
  • Apparently you can also "Say goodbye to those expensive special receptacles or waste bags, the Litter Robot uses regular kitchen garbage bags".
  • It's 'only' $369.99 (CAD).

If you're even a tiny bit of a Starwars fan check out the slide show here, it's just brilliantly evocative. and unintentionally hilarious.

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