FREE Wall Stencil Headboard with How-To

FREE Wall Stencil Headboard with How-To

Good Housekeeping offers a free PDF of a headboard stencil on their website. To use their sketch, they suggest following these simple steps:

1. First print out the headboard grid PDF to use as a guide.
2. Print out the headboard stencil PDF. (You only need half a stencil, because you’ll be flipping it over to make the opposite side.)
3. Cut along the bold black lines and arrange them on the wall where you want your headboard. Tape them in place with painter’s tape.
4. Lightly trace the outline with a pencil. Flip the stencil over and trace the other side.
5. Remove the stencil and fill in with paint in a color that contrasts with your wall.
6. Shove your bed up to the stencil and you’re done!

P.S. This would be easy to customize–as far as the width of your bed is concerned. You’d simply add or subtract from the center part of the stencil.

Photo by: Andrew McCaul

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