Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here are some recycled gift wrapping ideas suitable for any occasion! For more information, check out the video!


Potato Stamps on a Brown Paper Bag:

1. Get out an old potato, cut it in half. With a marker, cut a simple shape onto the potato. With an exacto knife, carefuly cut away the negative parts of your shape. And, you have a potato stamp!



Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


2. Take out an old paper bag, open up the bottom, and cut it down the sides so it lays flat.

3. Get out some acrylic paint and brush it onto your stamp. Press the stamp firmly to your paper and repeat until you are happy with the look.


4. Wait for it to dry, then wrap up the gift!

5. Just cut out a little rectangle for a card, and you're done!


An Old Basket:

1. Take out a magazine you've already read and cut the whole thing into strips.



2. Stuff the bottom of the basket with the strips and start adding stuff.



3. You can even use pages from a fashion magazine to wrap up small gifts, then add some cheese, a few sprigs of lavender, and a little bow!


An Old Sewing Pattern:

If you have a large awkward-shaped gift to wrap, use an old sewing pattern! If you want a matching decoration, check out Youtube user Natural Mindset's tute for using old patterns to make pom-poms.

Old Music Book:

Use an old music book, rip out, and roll up a couple pagesand tie with a ribbon. Add one to each of your gifts as decoration!

Some Other Recycled Wrapping Options:

Other options include some old maps, the Sunday funnies or old comic books, scrap fabric, and astroturf!



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My Crazy Thoughts on Aug 01, 2009:

I love it! Very frugal ideas for the upcoming Christmas.

I am going to potato stamp my Christmas cards and wrap this year. Perfect. Thanks!

Potatoes...pennies on the dollar
Brown paper bags...free with my grocery purchase.

BTW, Love the magazine idea

DIY Maven on Jun 10, 2008:

Also, grab a handful of stuff from your shredder's basket. (If you have a paper shredder, that is.) It works perfectly for filling baskets. If you want something a bit more decorative, empty your basket (if it's like mine, it probably needs emptying anyway) and then shred the already-read magazine. It's easier and much faster than cutting!

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