10 Eco-Cheap Items

You don’t have to sacrifice style OR your hard earned cash by going green. These products, all under 25 bucks, make great gift ideas too!

Solar powered shoji lanterns ($24) from Gaiam Post Update: the price of these lanterns is now $29 each, according to Gaiam's website.

10 Eco-Cheap Items

Mats made of recycled flip-flops ($23) from ReModern


100% organically grown bamboo salad servers (set of 5 for $12) from Branch Home

An umbrella made of 100% recycled water bottles ($17.99) from Target

Coasters made of 100% recycled tires ($18) from Branch Home

Spread the word with a save the planet reusable shopping bag ($12.99) from Target

Post-it Notes, now made from 100% recycled materials ($11.99 for a pack of 12 pads) from Office Depot.

Countertop  plastic bag dryer ($20) from Real Goods

PTFE alternative Thermolon non-stick pans ($19.99 for the 8-inch fry pan) from Macy's

created on: 06/06/08

Grow your own herbs and such with these self-watering pots ($15) from Velocity Art and Design

For more information about these items, visit the individual links or go to myhomeideas.com.









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DIY Maven on Jun 06, 2008:

Hi Kim! One of my sisters turned me on to myhomeideas. It was love at first sight!! Your content is outstanding and truly inspiring. And the photos make me swoon!

thedecoratingdiva on Jun 06, 2008:

This is a great list. I love the solar powered lanterns, and I'm going to get some for our backyard. I'll probably get them at Crate & Barrel. The lanterns are $29 each at Gaim that's a bit more than my budget can handle right now.


kimturnbull on Jun 06, 2008:

I am so glad you liked the products. I am a big fan of your site and am always impressed and inspired.


thanks- Kim


thegoodhuman on Jun 06, 2008:

Those lamps at the top are available at Crate & Barrel for $17 each - we picked up two and as soon as the cheap paper part breaks, I plan on taking it apart and using the light and solar panel to make solar mason jar lights.

ruajennie on Jun 06, 2008:

Thanks for the list! I think I'm going to have to snag the umbrella next time I make a Target run (which seems to be most days!).

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