Get your contest entry in before it's too late!

Curbly's Cheap is the New Black contest is almost over! With only five entries so far, your chances of winning some kick-ass t-shirts are pretty good.

The challenge? Give us your best sub-$20 DIY project.

Here's what you're up against: 

magnet door

Posted by jrysavy

Sorry, this topic has two posts, but thanks to ben, it reminded me of the $20 or under contest.My builder gave me the sheets of metal, and after adding 6 screws and some spray adhesive,... »MORE


Elementary School Throwback

Posted by CasaHartman

full size here  I don't have receipts for everything, but the materials are easily under $20...  foamcore, hot glue, aluminum foil, some copper paint, and steel wool.   »MORE


Closet Made More Efficient

Posted by booizzy

Growing up in Minnesota, my house had a big mudroom leading into the kitchen. My current house has only a little closet kitty corner to the front door. Not only is this arrangement pretty dull-looking,... »MORE


No artwork to display

Posted by marypants

The lady who owned the house we moved into, her husband used to paint. He was awful, but his paintings were framed in these amazing frames. He's dead now so I'm sure he doesn't mind... »MORE



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle $0

Posted by frithmobiles 

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