Hole in Your Textured Ceiling? Fill ‘er Up!

Hole in Your Textured Ceiling? Fill ‘er Up!

The only thing more unsightly than a hole in a textured ceiling is a badly patched hole in a textured ceiling. Follow these very easy steps and make those holes and patch jobs disappear.

Note: this process works best for average-sized nail and screw holes. The one in the example was approximately 1/4" in diameter. Also, the ceiling and all supplies were white, but because of light conditions, they look grey.

What Was Used

Sheetrock brand All Purpose Joint Compound

Homax Acoustic Texture Patch for Ceilings, which comes with a brush applicator

Small knife

(All supplies, besides the knife from my kitchen drawer, were purchased at Menards)

What Was Done

1. Using knife, fill hole with joint compound. Let dry. (If you are filling a larger sized hole, you will want to fill the hole half-way, let it dry overnight, and then fill the rest of the way. Proceed to step 2.)

2. Using the applicator brush, scoop a teaspoon or so of the texture patch from the tub and dab over joint-compound-filled-hole. Let dry.

3. Touch up with paint, if necessary.

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Nimue on Dec 15, 2006:

I'm glad to know that Texture Patch exists - we have a very large hole (roof leak) in need of patching.  That spray on texture in the cans didn't work for us.

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