25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home.

Green decor is everywhere, but this list of twenty five provides actual inspiration for using your recyclables in your decor. Interesting...

25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home.

Ideas include:

  • Mixed Glass Centerpiece: Take old glass bottles and jars, fill with leaves and flowers and group the glassware together to make a centerpiece display
  • Sweater Seats: Reupholster chairs with old sweaters
  • Rustic Candles: Melt down the bits of old burned down candles and pour the wax into small flower pots to make candles
  • Cork Trivet: Save corks from wine bottles to make a trivet to set hot dishes on
  • Oxford Napkins: Repurpose worn cotton button down shirts into cloth napkins
  • Glass Jar Storage: Use old mason or sauce jars to hold cotton balls, q-tips, washcloths, etc.
  • T-Shirt Pillows: Turn old t-shirts into cushions
  • Carpet Coasters: Take unused carpet remnants and cut them into coasters
  • Herbal Firestarters: Wrap pinecones, cinnamon sticks and dried herbs in newspaper to make firestarters


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