15 Alternative Uses for Baby Wipes (Complete with a bonus tip on how to make your own!)

created on: 05/15/08

Baby wipes are kind of like duct tape. Even if you don’t have a baby in the house or repair duct work on a regular basis, it’s not a bad idea to have both on hand. Books have been written extolling the versatility of our favorite grey tape, but if you haven’t heard about the awesome power of the butt wipe, here’s some alternative uses:

  1. Water-less pet baths for Fido or Fluffy.
  2. Remove crayon marks from painted walls, woodwork and furniture.
  3. They’re great for quick clean-ups on surfaces in the bathroom, car or even office.
  4. Remove stains from clothes, furniture or carpeting. (Dab at stain until removed.)
  5. Remove deodorant ‘white-marks’ from clothes. (Never be late for work again!)
  6. Clean rubber stamps. (Scrap-bookers and card makers will get this.)
  7. Shine your shoes.
  8. Clean windshield wipers.
  9. Remove lipstick from collars.
  10. Dust electronic equipment.
  11. Bust soap scum by wiping down the shower or tub after each use.
  12. Clean tile grout.
  13. Remove makeup.
  14. Removes scuff marks on floors.
  15. Erase felt tip and marker accidents before they’re permanent, but you have to act quickly for this to work.

BONUS TIP: To make your own wonder wipes, you might want to try this recipe.

What you need:

1 Bounty Big Roll
1 #9 Rubbermaid container
2 1/4 cups warm water
2 tablespoons baby oil
2 tablespoons baby wash

What you do:

Combine liquids in container. Cut the roll of paper towels in half. Place the half roll into the mixture and let it soak; flipping it once. When thoroughly soggy, pull out the half cardboard tube from the center of the roll.

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