5 Minute Feng Shui: The Bagua

5 Minute Feng Shui: The Bagua

If the upper left hand section of your bagua is purple, don’t call a dermatologist. You’re just fine, according to feng shui experts such as Carole Hyder. A while back I had the opportunity of taking a seminar from Carole, a local practicing Black Sect Buddhist feng shui master. Until attending Carole’s seminar, feng shui made about as much sense to me as a Chinese restaurant menu written in Chinese.

The Bagua


She presented a simple map, called the Bagua, that we could apply, specifically to our living spaces. It can be applied to our homes, the rooms in our homes, as well as the beds and desks in our homes.

Reading the Map

For example, the fame and reputation area–plus a bit of health–falls in the position of the livingroom in my home. So, if I want or need to bolster my fame and reputation, I would pay particular attention in that area. I might add plants, a water fountain, perhaps a wind chime. (Feng shui, by the way, means wind and water.)

Corresponding Colors

Another way to "boost" your bagua is to add the particular corresponding color to that area. So I might add a red rug to my living room. Well, look at that! There’s one there already.

Feng Shui Cartography

To map your house, measure the exterior of your walls and divide by 3–including the attached garage, if you have one. This will give you the bagua of your home.

Most homes aren’t perfectly square. There are extensions here, missing pieces there, but using feng shui applications, you can make up for your spacial deficits.

Consult A Master

If you find this ancient art as interesting as I do, pick up a copy of Carol’s lovely little book Wind and Water, Your Personal Feng Shui Journey for a "user friendly" tutorial of feng shui. For more information about Carole Hyder, her books and seminars, visit her website at www.carolehyder.com.

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