When Red Isn’t Red

At my local Big Box store recently, I picked up a Dutch Boy Dimensions brochure which highlights the Dimensions’ red family. They categorize these luscious colors into five groups. They are defined as follows:

True Reds: These reds are ‘bright, saturated and classy shades that really pop next to their complementary color–green.’ Among DB examples are Fearless Matador-Red 02, Parrot Feather- Red 03, Tomato Bisque-DC316 , Rocket Red-A4-1 and Victory Red-A3-1.

created on: 04/28/08

(Rocket Red, A4-1)

Purple Reds:
These reds are ‘cool shades that are a good choice when you want a more muted and softer red.’ They include Scarlet Letter-Red 04 , Touch of Cupid-Red 05, Dutch Tulips-Red 06 and Embellishment Red-Red 07.

Warm Reds:
The hint of yellow in these reds add to their ‘warmth and comfort’. They include El Dorado-Red 08, Weekend Bazaar-Red 09, Clay Rose-Red 10, Canyon Dusk-Red 11, Rusty Wagon-Red 12 and Exotic Escape-Red 13.

Pink Reds:
These are the girly reds, all ‘sweetness’ and ‘charm’. DB’s choices include Kate’s Kiss-Red 14, Doll Face-Red 15, Heart to Heart-Red 16 and Belle Etolle-Red 17.

Rich Reds:
These are the burgundies and brownish reds, which are said to be ‘the most versatile of all the reds.’ DB’s Rich Reds include Persian Berry-Red 18, Mondrian’s Red Trees-Red 19, Deeply Red-DC357, Velvet Gown-DC314, Cranberry Punch-DC301, Manhattan Red-DC307, Crushed Seed-DC312 and Classic Red-DC311.

created on: 04/28/08

(Velvet Gown, DC314)

For examples of these reds and others, visit Dutch Boy’s on-line ‘swatch box’. To find the Dimensions brochure quoted in this post–which includes paint chips of all the colors mentioned– stop by your local Dutch Boy retailer.

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