DIY Fly trap from a plastic bottle

DIY Fly trap from a plastic bottle
Sick of nasty blow flys and house flys. Here is a method to make an efficient fly trap from one of your used plastic water bottles (How cheap is that?). This is great for domestic flys, blow flys and fruit flys. 1.5 to 2 litre (3-4 pint) plastic bottles are ideal. It can vary up or down in size. Just some scissors and electrical tape will do the job along with a small piece of chopped meat or even doggy poo and water. My wife showed me how to make this and it really works. For full details and a plan, go to http://ecobites.com/diy-recycling-projects/diy-organic-fly-trap.html Once operational, this take a day to be fully efficient as it needs a stink to attract the flies. If you have a lot of flys, the trap can be filled within a week.


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