168 Ways to Stretch A Dollar

168 Ways to Stretch A Dollar

Lynnae at beingfrugal.net asked her readers ‘how they deal with high prices and what things they do to make their money stretch further.’ They came through in a big way! Lynnae categorized their tips, which include saving money...

  • on groceries (e.g. use thegrocerygame)
  • on cooking/eating (e.g. become a vegetarian)
  • on cars/gas (e.g. stay home)
  • on utilities (e.g. insulate your water pipes)
  • on medical needs (e.g. ask your doctor to prescribe a generic)
  • on clothing (e.g. hit the thrift stores)
  • on various household tasks (e.g. use water from boiling eggs or pasta to water your plants)
  • on entertainment (e.g. take advantage of ‘get in free’ days at the museum, etc.)
  • on miscellaneous things (e.g. enter blog giveaways–including Curbly’s latest contest!)

Not all of the tips might be feasible, but they do give a reader something to think about! For the entire article, go to beingfrugal.net.

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