10 Ways to Green Your Bathroom

10 Ways to Green Your Bathroom

Mark Constantine of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics passes along 10 ways to green our bathrooms.

  1. Consider what you actually need.
  2. Use soap bars instead of liquid soap–this includes shower gel and even shampoo.
  3. Avoid heavily packaged products.
  4. Check use-by dates; the longer out the date, the more preservatives.
  5. Try to buy local.
  6. Buy items that last as long as possible, like toothbrushes with disposable heads, as you’re only throwing that part away, not the entire item.
  7. Consider water recycling systems; check out this quick tip to save water.
  8. While you’re brushing your teeth, turn the water off!
  9. Recycle your plastic and glass bottles that come out of the bathroom.
  10. When shopping for bath products at your favorite superstore, take your own reusable bags. No, they’re not just for the grocery store!

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