Make Two Tables from One Sheet of Plywood.

I try to keep up with Instructables, but with so much user submitted content, it doesn't always keep your attention. If I see one more "How to Hack a Coke Machine" or "How to Make a Notepasser Out of a Ballpoint Pen"....

And sometimes, there's some terrifically clever people posting some great stuff. This morning, user BarnabyGunning (I hope that's his real name) offered an awesome tutorial on making two tables from one sheet of 4'x8' plywood (or  one from a 4x4', I presume). They suggest hiring it to a CNC laser cutter or water cutter, but a jigsaw could indeed get the job done. These would be great for a craft table, some Bridge or Whist, or even for dinner.

I also like the contrast of the colored surface with the exposed plywood edges.

Make Two Tables from One Sheet of Plywood.

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