Paint Can Lid Conservation Continued

Paint Can Lid Conservation Continued






After living with my paint can lid coaster for a few days, I realized it only looked like a coaster when my coffee cup was sitting on it. Otherwise, it looked as if, somewhere, a paint can was missing its lid. So, in the spirit of beautification, I held the lid. I let it speak to me.

"Beads," it said.

"Perfect," I said.

Tarting it Up

I flooded the lid’s rim with my favorite tacky glue.

I sprinkled into the glue ring leftover silver and black beads from a previous project, tapping them gently into the glue to make sure they would adhere.

My once Plain Jane paint can lid–which seems to have copped an attitude–would like to know what other mundane things Curblier’s have tarted up. The lid awaits your replies.





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