How to remove a popcorn ceiling.

How to remove a popcorn ceiling.

Of the few things I don't like about my house, the popcorn ceilings are at the bottom of the list. And, after watching this video on DIY Network that explains the process, I think I just might remove them from the list altogether. (Sanding overhead? Yeah, that's fun.) But, for you intrepid souls who just can't stand the bumps, the process seems fairly straightforward. According to DIY Network, you might need some or all of the following supplies:

Safety glasses
Rubber gloves
Garden sprayer
Cordless drill
Rubber spatula
Ceiling texture scraper
Sanding sponge
Compound miter saw
Wood chisel
Coping saw
Utility knife
Putty knife
Nail gun
Paint stripper
Drywall compound
Plastic sheeting
Reclaimed crown molding
Drop cloth with waterproof backing
Tape measure

For written instructions, head on over to DIY Network.

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