Real DIY Men and the Things They Can Do

created on: 03/14/08

See how you rate as a DIY Man.  According to Popular Mechanics, there are 25 things every man who claims the proud title of a DIY Man should be able to perform.  The list covers fix-it know how as well as basic household technical finesse.  Some of the skills seem a bit, how should I say, unnecessary.

created on: 03/14/08



1. Fix a radiator hose

2.  Protect your computer

3.  Rescue a boater who has capsized (whaaaa???)

4.  Frame a wall

5.  Retouch digital photos

6.  Back up a trailer

7.  Build a campfire (Bear has taught all of us that skill)

8.  Fix a dead outlet

9.  Navigate with a map and compass

10.  Use a torque wrench

11.  Sharpen a knife

12.  Perform CPR

13.  Fillet a fish

14.  Maneuver a car out of a skid

15.  Get a car unstuck

16.  Back up data

17.  Paint a room

18.  Mix concrete

19.  Clean a Bolt Action Rife (why??)

20.  Change oil and filter

21.  Hook up an HDTV

22.  Bleed brakes

23.  Paddle a canoe

24.  Fix a bike flat

25.  Extend your wireless network

created on: 03/14/08

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