How To Reupholster Your Round Bar Stools

created on: 03/13/08


created on: 03/13/08


Some of the bar stools you pick up at Target or Wal-Mart in a weak moment are soooo cheap.  Instead of discarding this piece of manufactured junk, just reupholster it with nifty fabric and keep it in your DIY shop.  I use the same techniques to recover expensive round bar stools for clients.

This EASY round stool re-do took only two hours.  I found this GIRLY DIY fabric at a quilt shop and it cost 6.99 a yard.  It's not heavy duty upholstery weight fabric but it is SO cute.


3/4 yard of fabric

1/4 yard of ruffle fabric, if you want

1 scrap of dacron large enough to fit top of stool

spray adhesive

sewing machine




staple gun

flat head screwdriver for staple removing

crescent pliers to pull staples out


1.  Lift and remove staples and pull off old covering

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

2. Now you spray adhesive on the base since the stool is so cheap the foam isn't secured in place.

created on: 03/13/08

3.  Measure finished width of band or boxing and add 1 1/2" for seam allowance and "pull" under seat.  The pull allows you to grab a hold and pull evenly and smoothly before stapling in place.

created on: 03/13/08

4. Lay old cover on piece of dacron, trace around it, cut it out and lay dacron on wrong side of your cover fabric, trace around the dacron piece and add 1/2" for seam allowance and trace again, or just eyeball that extra 1/2" beyond the dacron, mark it  and cut your top fabric circle out. Spray top of foam with adhesive and adhere dacron circle for added cushioning.

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

5.  Cut out your band or boxing strip and you're ready to sew.

created on: 03/13/08

6.  The finished width of a pre-made trim I had on hand measured  1" so I measured my blue oxford cloth fabric in 2" strips, pinned and stitched the ends together and then folded it in half, lengthwise and "ruffled" it while I was stitching by just scrunching it up right before it went under the needle.

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

7. When I got to the end, I folded the unfinished short end under forming a finished fold, and kind of neatly stuffed the other end inside then I stitched it all down.

Right in the center of the picture one end is tucked inside the other.

created on: 03/13/08

8.  You can either stitch your ruffle down at this point or if you're confident, lay the band or boxing on top of the ruffle, all "raw" edges should be aligned.  The top piece will be the boxing, then the ruffle and then the right side of your circle. Pin boxing down to avoid slipping or VERY CAREFULLY begin stitching with a 1/2" seam allowance and maneuver the boxing as you curve around the circle.  You'll be trying to keep your stitching at 1/2", keep the raw edge of the boxing even with the other raw edges and carefull turn the whole circle until you get to the end.  Now fold back one side of the boxing and overlap the boxing coming from the other side all the way over and stitch down. 

created on: 03/13/08

9.  Clip seam allowance to 1/4" to eliminate bulkiness.

created on: 03/13/08

10.  Turn right side out, Place on top of stool and measure down from ruffle where the edge should be stapled.  Chalk that measurement all the way around.  Center top, make sure the pattern is straight.

If you notice, I didn't straighten my pattern with the legs so it's a little catty wampus (sp?)

created on: 03/13/08

created on: 03/13/08

You may have this style:

created on: 03/15/08

This fabric is fun and appropriate for my DIY studio.  If doing your bar stools or kitchen stools, you can use plain fabric, or vinyl or, if you're really brave, leather.  The steps are the same for a cutesy studio stool and true bar stools.


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Glue on Dec 27, 2014:

Oh man is that fabric ugly! I liked the original upholstery better.

LGillett on Dec 07, 2014:

Curious to know .... how did the fabric hold up? Or was the stool just decorative and not used?

Chrome circle bar stool on Mar 19, 2013:

Wow! This is something different I came across. The seat of the stool is being spoiled by my pets, I think I should try this out. Thanks for posting

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