Retro American Diner Style Furniture.

The 1950's: There's the overabundance of kitsch, and then there's doing it well. Cola Red stands out from shopping mall nostalgia stores, offering fine 1950s dinette sets from original manufacturers. I'm digging on these Corvette and Brooklyn sets. Chairs, stools, tables, and full sets are available in extensive vinyl and laminate options.

Retro American Diner Style Furniture.


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Liz on Nov 19, 2014:

You Guys should check out NewRetroDining.com! i think they just added some mint green table tops! 

Heather Lackas on Apr 09, 2014:

I am looking for 1950's kitchen and livingroom decor in the sea foam green

anjelicat on Mar 12, 2008:

haha wow, those are so perfect it's not even funny.

too bad i can't afford to shell out that much on a kitchen set right now =\

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