25 Alternative Uses for Inner Tubes.

Okay, so you might not have a huge stockpile of unused inner tubes in your garage, just waiting for an uncommon use. But if you did, here's twenty-five things you might do with them.

25 Alternative Uses for Inner Tubes.

•    Deceptively simple dog toy.
•    Make rubber bands
•    Clear the drain.
•    Make a belt.
•    Clamp glued projects.
•    Make a rubber ball.
•    Use as a funnel or hose.
•    Temporary gaskets.
•    Make shoe insoles.
•    Reduce vibration.
•    Protect wiring.
•    Protect ropes.
•    Makeshift oil filter wrench.
•    Combine with hose clamps for a non-slip clamp.
•    Use to make waterproof bags.
•    Cane a chair.
•    Make your swingset safer.
•    A wallet.
•    iPod case.
•    Rubber clothing?
•    Make a stretchy rope.
•    Scarecrow hair.
•    Combine with sticks or bamboo to make a trellis.
•    Make unique purses...
•    Or bags.
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Photo from NorthernTool.

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