Floppy Disk-ish Drink Coasters.

Floppy Disk-ish Drink Coasters.

"We're talking serious attention to detail here - not content with creating coasters shaped like the more common 3.5-inch floppy disks, Supermandolini has gone back even further in time, producing a coaster range including 5.25-inch diskettes.

Yes, we're in the land of 70s computing with the Soft Sector coasters. But this isn't just an exercise in geek, it's really sharp design, with each 9cm x 9cm coaster having its own colourful and individual glossy finish, with a foam base to keep your drink secure.

You can buy a set of six online, priced at 27 Euros.

Find out more at the Supermandolini website"

From Retrotogo.com

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