DIY Pet Food.


My intense allergies will never allow me to share my home with any fuzzy quadrupeds. But were I able, I'd love to create amazing meals just for them. So, pet-lovers, throw out your canned pastes, extruded hydrogenized goos, and recalled nasties and give some of these a try.

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Hansel on Jan 26, 2013:

The link from e-how provides the best information. I would highly suggest reading that article before attempting ANY of the recipes on the other links. I would also recommend avoiding the chicken dinner and many other recipes for all animals from the simply pets link. As a vet, I wouldn't utilize any of those.

freudianslipper on Feb 26, 2008:

Wow great links! Except for the vegan cat food, I don't think I would ever deprive my guy of necessary meat. Though raw, on the other hand, is something I would try but would probably be difficult for myself to maintain.

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