Everything But The Squeal

Everything But The Squeal

The title of this post needs explanation. It’s something country folk my mother’s age say when referring to butchering pigs. And although as a vegetarian I find the origins of this edict revolting, I couldn’t agree with it more.

Snout to tail, nothing was wasted; everything but the squeal was used.

Fast Forward to the 21st Century

Which leads me to the leftover paint can lid from a previous post. It was a nice little paint can lid. It wasn’t dented. It had no rust. It seemed a shame to throw it out. So, in the spirit of conservation, I held the lid. I let it speak to me.

"Coaster," it said.

"Perfect," I said.

A schmear of Alleene’s Tacky Glue and a round of felt stuck to the bottom and, ta-da, no more coffee rings on my mouse pad.

Everything but the squeal.


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