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How should I connect my laptop to the television?

by on Feb 21, 2008

There are probably geeky communities in which I could ask this, but I hope some of the Curbly technogeniuses might have some ideas:

So, I just got a new Mac Book Pro, and I’d like to hook it up to my LCD television. (To get better use out of it, since we rarely watch TV [it was a Christmas gift]). I’d like to use the larger viewing area for Photoshopping and hopefully some video editing in the future…and of course, Curbly posting!

The TV has a “PC” in and the laptop has a DVI output. I used Apple’s included adapter to hook the computer to the TV with an older VGA cable from my G4 tower, but the results are weird. My TV will only accept a 1024×768 (60hz), and that skews the image in a more-or-less unacceptable way, since my laptop is in widescreen ratio (1440 x 900).

So, my cursory research suggests a couple options: (I’ll be sitting around 10 feet away)

1. I could buy a DVI to HDMI adapter and plug it into an extra long HDMI cable. $$, not wireless

2. Buy a DVI to HDMI cable (which only seem to come in shorter lengths), and sit closer. $$, not wireless

3. I could buy a short DVI to HDMI cable, and get a wireless keyboard and mouse (presumably bluetooth), and set the computer near the TV. Most desirable, and wireless, but $$$. (The keyboard and mouse are around $70 each, and the cable would be at least $30.) Also, then I’d have an excuse to build a lap-surface for computing via the couch.

Which seems like the best idea? Am I missing options? 


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