How-To Make a Beanie, Poncho and Mittens from an Old Sweater


Craft experts Rob & Corinne are at it again! This time on threadbanger we take an old pattern print sweater and turn it into three items! A beanie hat, poncho and mittens. With this quick how-to you will be ready to rock your winter fashion wardrobe. Do it yourself fashion for the next generation, DIY or DIE!




The Hat

1.  Grab an old sweater (we used a leopard print one).  Flip the sweater inside out and pin the two layers together.
2.  Next measure 10 inches across the bottom starting at one of the side seams and mark it.


How-To Make a Beanie, Poncho and Mittens from an Old Sweater

3.  Make another mark in-between these two points, and measure up 8 inches.  


4.  Secure the area with a few pins to avoid shifting.

5.  Next draw a dome shape connecting the three points.


6.  Cut the shape out about one inch above where the line is drawn.


7.  Using a tight zigzag stitch, sew along the line.


8.  Take out your pins and trim off the excess fabric.


9.  Turn it inside out and try it on.  Now you have a sweet new hat!



The Poncho

1.  Take your leftover sweater and draw a diagonal line starting at about two inches above the highest point where your hat was cut out.  From one edge of the sweater all the way to the beginning point of the opposite seam.


2.  Then cut along the line.


3.  Cut off the sleeves and all the down along the edge to the bottom of the sweater.


4.  And repeat to the other side.


5.  When thats all done, open it up, and it should look like the picture.


6.  Then just hem the edge with a zigzag stitch to create a "lettuce edge".


And you've got yourself a poncho!   




The Mittens

1.  Take out those extra sleeves, and turn them inside out.


2. Get a friend to trace around your hand, and secure the two layers together with a few pins inside your mitten shape.


3.  Cut out the shape.  Again remember to cut about 1 inch outside of your drawn line.


4.  Using a zigzag stitch sew along the line.


5.  Trim of the excess fabric along the edge.


6.  Turn them inside out, and you've got new mittens! 


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Name on Feb 18, 2012:

Awesome!! I like how the instructions are very detailed...totally helped me with my project! thanks :)

ruajennie on Feb 21, 2008:

Cool! Also, by the way, I LOVE the pink sewing machine! :)

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