How To Customize Conversation Hearts.

How To Customize Conversation Hearts.

Of course, you'll never actually eat them, but that doesn't mean they can't say exactly what you feel. Just follow this brief how-to:


  • Store-bought conversation hearts
  • Rasp-style grater (like a Microplane)
  • Rubber-stamp kit
  • Food-writing pens

1. Remove the original message by shaving away the top layer with the grater.

2. Arrange your words in your stamp, and ink them with the food-writing pens. Alternatively, create your own stamp from the extra characters, or carve one from a linoleum block. (Come on, if all you're giving is these nasty antacid tabs, you can at least put in a little effort.)

3. Stamp, stamp!

Read the full how-to from Evil Mad Scientist. 

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