10 Alternative uses for Bananas

10 Alternative uses for Bananas

People are using bananas to make some weird stuff, let me tell ya. But, in the interest of spreading the knowledge, from the not-so-odd to the head scratchers, here goes:

10. Aphid deflector: Burying dried or cut-up bananas peels a few inches deep around the base of your rosebushes to detract aphids.

9. Fertilizer: Potassium rich, bananas are great for us as well as our gardens. Dry out leftover peels over the winter months. In the spring grind them up with a food processor or blender and use them as mulch when transplanting new plants or seedlings to give them a boost. Don’t feel like drying out and processing the peels? No worries; just bury them in your compost pile.

8. Butterfly and bird charmer: Most people I know either throw away overripe bananas or make banana bread out of them. An alternative to these might be to place the blackened ‘nanners on a raised platform out in your yard. It’ll attract birds and butterflies–as well as bees and wasps, thus the raised platform.

7. Face mask: Mash up a medium-sized banana, OR combine 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey and 1 medium-sized banana, OR combine 1 egg yolk, 2 tsp. almond oil and 1 medium-sized banana. Apply one of these mixtures to your face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off with cool water and pat dry.

6. Leather polish: Use the inside of a de-stringed banana peel for a quick shoe shine. Finish up with a buff using a soft cloth or paper towel. The same technique is said to work for silver too.

5. Roast Tenderizer: Toss a peeled ‘nanner into the pan the next time you think your roast might turn out a little tough.

4. Houseplant cleaner: Wipe your houseplant leaves down with the inside of a banana peel to remove dirt and leave a shine.

3. Ointment: Rubbing scrapped knees with the inside of a banana peel will help promote healing.

2. Wart Curative: Got a wart? Rub it with the inside of a banana peel. The potassium-rich peel is supposed to get rid of the wart.

And the weirdest thing people are making out of bananas....

1. Teeth whitener: Liam McGinlay says he’s been using the inside of banana peels on a daily basis to whiten his teeth for the past two years. He rubs the peels in a circular motion across his teeth for about 2 minutes. He says the effects should be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

Compiled from rd.com and tipking.com.

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Denise on Jan 22, 2012:

thanks bro

DIY Maven on Feb 12, 2008:

Thanks for the additions! (100 bananas a week?!?! Wow!) I live in the freezer box of the U.S., so there isn't much tropical fruit growing here! I'd love a more favorable growing season. Maybe I need a greenhouse!?

intouchoz on Feb 11, 2008:

I forgot to add to my comment that if possible, only eat organic bananas. The producers use a lot of sprays and fertilizers and the larger food chains gas the bananas (yuk) to ripen them for display.

intouchoz on Feb 11, 2008:

Great ideas maven. I will add several more.  

1. Drop the odd banana peel in to your birdnest plant. The rotting banana peel will stimulate growth and nourish the plant as their roots are only used to bond the plant to a tree or rock.

2. Freeze the bananas for a great natural and nutritional iceblock. We keep at least 20 frozen (peeled) bananas in the freezer at all times.

 3. Using a champion juicer, mix bananas, berry fruits, mangos to make a natural sugarless icecream. Better than the commercial junk. Have you ever wondered why Maccas don't call their soft serves icecream...that's another story. Try this link for a recipe ecobites.com

We live in the Australian Tropics. Our weather is normally hot (winter) or very hot and humid (summer). We grow about 7 varieties of bananas along with about 40 other tropical fruit trees, including grumachama, mandrono, jaboticaba, abu, grapes, lemon aspin, carambola, white sapote, seedless black sapote, rowlena, lemonade, pink grapefruit, barbados cherry, white star apple, wax jambu, etc. We normally (as a family) consume 100 bananas a week. We also have a large Nara fruit dryer and can dry approximately 150 very large bananas at at time. Everything grows well here including the insects.

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