How to mix and match patterned fabric without going nutty.

How to mix and match patterned fabric without going nutty.

So you want to use patterned fabric but are worried about pattern overload. Domino gives three basic rules to keep in mind to keep your creative design from going just plain crazy.

1. Three's company. Keep your pattern count to three as any more might push your room over the edge.

2. When using stripes–think straight. Domino suggests that the bold stripe on the table in the picture above complements ‘the traditional ticking stripe on the bench cushion without being too matchy.’ Because of their linear nature, they recommend that stripes be used on square or rectangular things like square chair pads and table runners, both of which should run ‘vertically’, echoing the verticality of your table’s legs.

3. Cut out the pretty stuff. If you have a large pattern, Domino says not to be afraid to cut out the a part of the fabric that appeals to you most and use that, which is what they did for the chair cushions pictured. Although, this will most assuredly result in a lot of waste.

Further notes: Although Domino doesn’t mention it, geometric prints such as stripes and plaids coordinate well with florals and paisleys. Scale too, should be taken into consideration when mixing prints. So for example, combining two large scale florals wouldn’t perhaps be as pleasing to the eye as one large-scale floral coupled with one or two small or mid-scale florals.

Lagoon Potpourri by Sandra Banava

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