How to make a Tangram Puzzle.

How to make a Tangram Puzzle.

A great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year would be to make a Tangram Puzzle, which is also known as ‘seven pieces of cleverness’. Why are these puzzles so clever? Read on!


The Props:

  • a square piece of paper (my 3.5" square piece worked great)
  • a scissors

The Proceedure:

First, fold your paper in half and then half again. Unfold, rotate and repeat the process. When you’re done, your square should be divided into 16 squares, like so:

Next, using your scissors, cut as indicated by the red lines. (You can use a ruler and pencil here, but I find that using the fold lines as a guide works fine.)

Your puzzle pieces are finished!

Now, the object of the Tangram Puzzle is to arrange the seven pieces into various shapes. As far as how many different shapes you can make, that's the challenge, as the amount seems limited only by your imagination. Clever, huh? To get you started, visit The Holiday Spot, where you'll learn how to make people, objects and animals.

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