How to make balls of light chandeliers.

How to make balls of light chandeliers.

More fun than balls of yarn, these big chandelier light spheres are made out of 4-24' strands of rope lights. Your biggest investment would be the lights as the other supplies needed are relatively inexpensive. They include:

  • 10 clear plastic zip ties
  • ceiling hooks
  • a metal chandelier chain (optional)
  • an S-hook (also optional)
  • pliers
  • scissors

As for the how-to part, basically you plug one strand of your rope lights into your extension cord, secure with a zip tie or two and start winding.

When you’re done with one rope of lights, just plug in another strand and keep winding.

Secure the end of your final rope with a zip tie.

If the extension cord can handle the weight of the light ball, you can use it to hang the chandelier from the ceiling, or you can hang it from the optional metal chandelier chain via an S-hook.

Safety note: Make sure the total wattage for all rope lights you use is appropriate for the outlet.

Via. Photo credit: Peter Belanger.

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