Meet Moddi: The DIY Murphy Bed for Under $275.

Ikea hacking goes commercial with the Moddi: a DIYable murphy bed made from 12 Ikea Lack side tables and a bit of hardware. According to it's website:

The Only Floating Murphy Bed Available

Meet Moddi: The DIY Murphy Bed for Under $275.

The Moddi murphy bed is attached to the wall with the a french cleat. A french cleat is a technique cabinet makers prefer when installing cabinets because it’s an easy way to mount something big and bulky. But the coolest thing about a french cleat mounted Moddi murphy bed is that when it is folded up and away, it’s not touching the floor, leaving more room for other things!


And apparently, if you're skilled in the woodshop and have table and miter saws, you can build the thing for under $100.

The website is poorly written, and relies on alot of informercial lingo, but the project itself is pretty cool. 

Plans are $7.95.


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Steven on Jul 16, 2019:

Well, heck. I'm glad I ran across this and read the comments, because I was excited to find a murphy bed that actually appealed to me. I tried to visit the Moddi site. It promptly tried to install bitcoin mining malware onto my computer, and the "buy now" link to the plans no longer works. I guess too many people had issues.

But, perhaps I can figure out something on my own. I can't find anything like those plans anywhere online, at least not yet, and I'm good at internet research, so the folks at Moddi must be good at keeping their intellectual property offline, regardless of how awful they apparently are at customer service and updating flawed plans. Thanks everyone who commented, appreciate it !

K.Ganeshmoorthy on Jan 20, 2013:

Where can I buy French Cleats for a Queen size Wall Bed. I want to design my own wall bed but am stuck or French Cleats in Thailand.

Please help


Anonymous on Jun 19, 2012:

THANK YOU to everyone who posted comments.  I won't even be attempting this project bc you posted your experiences.  Sorry for your pain!!!

Leslie on May 06, 2012:

Just starting up a blog for those who are looking for fixes for the Moddi Bed here:  http://fixthemoddi.blogspot.com/

Includes a link for instructions & links to other sites listing issues and fixes.

banglemail on Jun 30, 2011:

Help please. Have built the Moddi bed (with 3/4" plywood) and have gotten the gas springs to compress. But, every time we snap them on and fold the bed up or down, they tork and pop off. Anyone found a way to easily raise and lower this bed ---other than using those gas springs? Again, it's already built and so can't do a lot of options on internet. Thanks.

Martha on May 20, 2011:

In the final stages of finishing (hopefully) this stylish but hellish bed.  I won't even go into the hell I've gone through trying to get this thing up, not to mention the cost - certainly wasn't $275 as they mentioned...  Anyway, I'm stuck on the gas springs - can't compress them to attach.  Any advice???  Called the great folks at MSC and they DO NOT recommend them for this application.  Also didn't know that they pose a danger to the occupant of the bed... Not sure what to say or do about that...  Your advice is appreciated re: the springs.  Thanks.

Jason on Sep 01, 2010:

To anyone who is BARELY reading this.  The site's customer service and supposed "FAQ" has gone waaaay DOWNHILL since then.  The plan's are way outdated, way too unstable in my opinion.  RustyFrets seems to be the good one that really went out of their way to explain the flaws and how bad the plan's owner has gotten.  They wont answer ANY QUESTIONS.  NO REAL WAY TO CONTACT THEM.  NOTHING.  Pretty much the owner says "Im busy, I can't get to you.  Too bad so sad".  The plans even after several FAQs have stayed the exact same way.  Meaning the owner didn't update THEIR OWN PLANS even after having customers tell them how unstable their choice of wood and supplies were.  It's really not worh it in my opinion and I'd like if blogs like these would snap out of it and update what crap this plan itself has become. 

JL on Feb 18, 2010:

Hi Well I wish I would have read this before because I have the same issue the Springs and brakets won't fit . Would you happen to have what part # the barackets you ordered where that fit the springs?? This would help greatly when I call MCS .   Also how did you get the springs to compress as I hevent been able to yet.



rustyfrets on Oct 24, 2009:

Hi All, Our handyman just finished building a Moddi Twin Murphy bed for us. While it works and we are mostly happy with it, the materials cost us very nearly twice the supposed $275, and it took a few full days to build. In addition, the Moddi plans have a handful of errors, some serious. Most important is the need to use 3/4" plywood (NOT MDF) for the supporting structure which is attached to the wall. Also, the gas springs and brackets did not fit together when we ordered them (using the exact part numbers listed on the plans), and it took 2 additional shipments and quite a long time on the phone with MSC Industrial (who are very nice people) to get it right. In addition, note that the latch is not necessary -- you can omit it due to the pressure of the springs keeping the bed firmly up. Due to their structural weakness and the fact that they add unnecessary width and height to a product which is supposed to save space, you may want to consider not using the Ikea LACK side tables at all. Put the rest of the bed together and you will easily find an attractive alternative for them (paint, paneling, etc..). Finally, note that the gas springs are VERY strong (200 lbs of pressure each, impossible for the handyman or myself to compress using our own strength. They are probably at least 30-40% stronger than they need to be, and this is the main reason why you need plywood and not MDF. I mention this again because it's a bit unnerving to have so much pressure so close to one's sleeping head, and this is one of my misgivings about the bed. For some, the potential safety issue could be a dealbreaker. Again, in the end it works and allows us to have a twin bed in a room which would otherwise not accomodate one. Still, it ain't perfect by any means. And good luck with Moddi customer service -- no phone number anywhere, and no reply to my email.

TerryLuv2Hack on Feb 06, 2008:

I one of these in my neighbor's condo. She said the previous owner built it and she decided to keep it with the place, but she didn't know much about it. I luv it! I was very excited to see it on your blog and at IKEAHACKER. BTW Chris, you've posted a lot of good ideas and leads. Thanks.

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