10 Charming Handmade Valentine's Gifts.

Don't let the corporate monsters do the talking for you. Make one of these handmade Valentines instead....(via instructions from a corporate monster...).


10 Charming Handmade Valentine's Gifts.


  • Poetic wrappings
  • Heart-shaped soap
  • Keepsake envelopes
  • Heart bookmark
  • Cockscomb wreath
  • Heart-shaped tea bag
  • Mini gift bags
  • Berriboned boquet
  • Sea-shell valentines
  • Eco-gifts

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Maria on Feb 14, 2012:

Hey Chrisjob, Lovely handmade gifts ideas here, Recently i have bought one cute handmade decorative pillow for my valentine.I would love to see these sea-shell valentines also,it sound really awesome!! :) how is it???


DIY Maven on Jan 28, 2008:

'a corporate monster...' -- hehe

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