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How to make a WiFi extender using this FREE download!

by on Jan 11, 2008

A person is showing a WiFi extender with windsurfer text on it.

Like a lot of people, I suffer from bad WiFi signal, so when I saw this video on making a signal extender for pennies, I thought it was just another how-to that sounded promising but would disappoint in the end. I put my skepticism aside, and taking one for the team, I set to work.

What I needed:

What I did:

1. Followed the instructions for printing.

2. Cut out the template and the slots as indicated.

3. Glued tin foil to the back of the reflector (the rectangular piece).

4. Assembled the parts, fitting the tabs into the slots.

I made two reflectors, one for each antenna. After everything was set, I ran to my laptop (which was on a different floor and in the opposite corner of the house). It worked GREAT! I surfed a bit, even watched a few videos. All in all, if you have signal problems, I would highly recommend this quick how-to!

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