How to make a WiFi extender using this FREE download!

How to make a WiFi extender using this FREE download!

Like a lot of people, I suffer from bad WiFi signal, so when I saw this video on making a signal extender for pennies, I thought it was just another how-to that sounded promising but would disappoint in the end. I put my skepticism aside, and taking one for the team, I set to work.


What I needed:

What I did:

1. Followed the instructions for printing.

2. Cut out the template and the slots as indicated.

3. Glued tin foil to the back of the reflector (the rectangular piece).

4. Assembled the parts, fitting the tabs into the slots.

I made two reflectors, one for each antenna. After everything was set, I ran to my laptop (which was on a different floor and in the opposite corner of the house). It worked GREAT! I surfed a bit, even watched a few videos. All in all, if you have signal problems, I would highly recommend this quick how-to!

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Anonymous on Jan 03, 2013:

you are a fuck ass hole bitch spent 100 pound on this crap

wifi extender on Dec 05, 2010:

Thats a really useful info for DIY a wifi extender. But for me a lazy man, I just buy a Hawking wifi extender to enhancing signal in my house.

edgar on Jan 15, 2008:

Maplex, since 1877, now discovered by futniture designers!



edgar on Jan 14, 2008:

Building or rebuilding a house? Just found this:



edgar on Jan 13, 2008:

Glad to be useful!


sparkie on Jan 13, 2008:

ThAnks...Just what I was looking for!!

edgar on Jan 11, 2008:

Glad you've liked it. Yes, as I keep telling people, sometimes easier is better.

About simple solutions, did you know you can make a Bike frame out of Bamboo and Carbon, at your home? 


DIY Maven on Jan 11, 2008:

Edgar...thanks for the link. That is a great site!! (I love the poor man's lathe!) I am really impressed by my difference in signal strength. I did not check the numbers, but the message on my laptop went from low to very good. Amazing--and with just some paper and tin foil!!

edgar on Jan 11, 2008:

 Hi, Maven!

Didn't knew about your Wi-fi problems, fixed mine with a PC speaker case that was kinda parabolic on the back side, lined that with aluminium foil, and put the wee small wifi thinghy inside! :D

Done so, inspired by this guy, a Teacher from New Zealand with a Sitefull of Wi-fi DIY How tos:

You can learn about him, on the page I've made, in  


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