7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Maybe you haven’t had time to shop, or maybe a lack of funds has made braving the holiday shopping experience less than fun, or maybe you just don’t know what to buy those hard to buy for types. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath, read the list below and maybe you’ll find the perfect last minute gifts. Bonus: They’re more personal than the ubiquitous ‘gift card’ AND some don’t cost a thing!

  • Offer that favorite couple a free night of your babysitting services.
  • Offer your house-cleaning services. (Parents and grandparents would love this!)
  • Offer your snow-shoveling services to your favorite neighbor.
  • Buy a spa treatment for your friend or honey. To make it more memorable, buy one for yourself too and go together!
  • Bake some sweets and deliver them with a heartfelt note.
  • Send flowers or a small pre-decorated tree.
  • Assemble note cards and a few books of stamps for those people in your life that still use snail mail. (Especially great for the more ‘mature’ crowd. In other words, parents and grandparents who don't use e-mail.)


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