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Home Design Trends for 2008

by on Dec 20, 2007

After attending some of the fall/winter 2007 home design and furnishings shows (2008 previews),  I noted the following top 10 design trends that will be seen throughout 2008:

  1. Home Design Style with a Conscience – it’s all about eco-friendly design, products and implementation – focus on organic, natural, recycled and re-purposed products. In the past eco-friendly or Green design could be summed up in three words: ugly, dowdy and boring. That isn’t the case anymore. Eco-friendly design has met stylish interpretation proving that earth friendly decor can at the same time be elegant, beautiful and exciting as well as Green.
  2. Contrast Makes The Difference – high contrast color combinations such as robin egg blue set against dark cocoa or white and black. Contrasting textures like smooth against rough such as man-made steel juxtaposed with the roughness of natural shell or wood against steel. Add a touch of the unexpected to your decor by pairing up accessories or furnishings of mixed media – a soft chenille sofa dressed with a rough textured horsehair or zebra pillow or velvet against metal.
  3. It’s All About the X – The “X’ is everywhere in furniture and accessory design. It was spotted at Highpoint, the European Shows and has been slowly making itself available in furniture and decor stores.
  4. Multi-Purpose Furniture and Accessories – Beautiful design is simply not enough for today’s discerning home decor shoppers, they want utility driven, multi-purpose furniture and decorative accessories that will make their everyday life easier, less hectic and more organized.
  5. Leather with a Feminine Touch – Leather is still a hot trend however this year expect to see the softer side of leather, furniture in smaller scale, earthy golden warm tones such as caramel, cappuccino, cocoa and cinnamon as well as what are considered more “traditional” feminine colors ranging from pastel pinks to robin egg blue with contrasting accent colors of dark chocolate.
  6. Understated Luxe – 2008 is all about “whispering” luxury and elegance via your home decor, furnishings and accessories.
  7. All Shades of White – from the purest whites to the softest ivories, the white color family will be seen everywhere from walls to sofas to lamps to picture frames.
  8. Really Big Furniture and Accessories – it’s all about design drama, over-sized lamps, chandeliers, florals, mirrors, decorative accessories and other design elements.
  9. Cool Metals – gray tone metals such as silver, pewter, brushed nickel, aluminum, steel, charcoal and platinum.
  10. Zen at Home – we want peace at home and furnishing your home with design elements that make you feel at peace and grounded are the keys to achieving a home sanctuary.

Interior Design Sources (image from left to right): PH Collection Elsee Arm Chair, Archatrive convertible console (into dinner table) with re-purposed gate legs, Thomas Boog Shell Mirror, Saro Trading Company table linens, Ogetti Silver Vases, FTF Design Studio “X” motif table, and Pasha Home Cordoba chair in Spa.


Written by Carmen M. Natschke and cross-posted at my other blog, The Decorating Diva

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