How To Make a Sparkly Snowflake.

This is a very simple craft, requiring no artistic skill, that looks elegant and professional when completed. It's perfect for attaching to gifts or hanging up for a little winter sparkle of your own.

How To Make a Sparkly Snowflake.


  • String
  • glue
  • Wax paper
  • scissors
  • glitter

1.Cut the piece of string into three 3-inch (7.5cm) pieces, one 4-inch (10cm) piece, one 8-inch (20cm) piece and six 1.5-inch (3.8cm) pieces.


2. Lay out two pieces of wax paper. Squeeze a few teaspoons of glue onto one piece of wax paper.


3. Dip one of the 3-inch pieces of string in the glue, being sure to coat it thoroughly. Pinch two fingers together and run down the string to remove any excess glue.

Finish the project with these instructions from Wikihow.

Let it Snow! 

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