Make a Peppermint Stick Pot

Make a Peppermint Stick Pot

Remember making pencil cups by gluing popsicle sticks to empty soup cans? This easy how-to is basically the same thing; only instead of using popsicle sticks, the floral artist uses peppermint sticks. Supplies are minimal and include:

  • an empty coffee can,
  • two large and one medium-sized rubber bands,
  • a brick of floral foam,
  • a handful of wrapped peppermint candies,
  • a couple of yards of red velvet ribbon,
  • 20 to 30 straight candy canes,
  • a dozen stemmed, white flowers of your choosing,
  • a scissors, knife and floral preservative.

Once you have the supplies gathered, you probably wouldn’t even need anyone to tell you how to use them, but here goes anyway.

  1. Soak your floral foam in water that’s been doctored with the preservative.
  2. Cut foam to fit inside can.
  3. Slip large rubber bands over can. (One high, one low.)
  4. Slip candy canes under rubber bands. When the can is covered, push rubber bands together toward the center of the peppermint sticks.
  5. Tie the ribbon around the center of the sticks, hiding the rubber bands.
  6. Keeping the stems of the flowers straight, gather them in one hand; slip the medium-sized rubber band around them, placing it up under the blossoms.
  7. Cut the flowers stems to about one foot in length.
  8. Hold the stems firmly and stick them into the center of the floral foam.
  9. Toss the covered peppermints over the top of the floral foam to conceal it.

For more great floral 'recipes' go to flowerpossibilities.com.

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