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Mantels are overrated: How should I display holiday cards?

by on Dec 3, 2006

Despite the lack of snow in St. Paul, I am getting in the holiday spirit. I’ve been listening to Dean Martin’s “Marshmallow World” and started to make my way down my holiday gift lists. I turned my car stereo to the “Christmas Superstation” where it’s Christmas all day and all night. Sweet Bruno deals with my holiday spirit magnificently.

We received our first holiday card this weekend, which brings me to my question: Does anyone have a non-traditional way to display holiday cards? Last year we used the predictable piano, and this year we’re looking for something a bit more creative. Happy holidays!


  1. longweekendstyle

    I tape them up onto a wall in our living room in the formation of a christmas tree. whoever sends us the 1st card gets to be “the star” & all the other cards fill out the tree as they arrive.