Plastic Water Bottle Bottoms Chandelier

Plastic Water Bottle Bottoms Chandelier

Designer Stuart Haygarth creates chandeliers using the bottoms of plastic water bottles. Showing at Design Miami, Haygarth says his creations focus ‘on the overlooked sculptural beauty of these plastic water containers.’ Just one question: What did he do with the unused part of the bottles? Send them to a landfill? Hope not. Via Dezeen.

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Jenifer on May 19, 2012:

This is so cool! Would you come share some of your ideas today or anytime this month at:

www.feedingnineonadime.com we are having a upcycling party.

DIY Maven on Dec 16, 2007:

water bottles + exacto knife + fishing wire + a lot of patience = art ;)

xStephiiee on Dec 15, 2007:

how did you make that ;o

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