DIY Mid-Century Modern Tree Ornament (for under $1.00!)

I came across these charming ceramic ornaments a few weeks ago, and I instantly fell in love with there playful spacey-ness and simple elegance. $35 for the pair isn't prohibitively expensive, but as usual, I reckoned a DIY attempt was worth a shot.

DIY Mid-Century Modern Tree Ornament (for under $1.00!)

Total cost: $0.73, plus a bit of spray paint.


  • Ping pong ball
  • Small nail and scrap wood or cardboard
  • Electric drill or drill press
  • Varying drill bits
  • White gloss spray paint
  • Craft knife, such as an X-acto
  • 4-inch length of string

1. Locate a colored ping pong ball, or white if you prefer. 

2. Make a painting rig by hammering a small nail into a piece of scrap wood or cardboard, and drill a small hole the same diameter of the nail into the ping pong ball. Set the ball on top of the nail.  

3. Spray the ball with three coats of white, glossy spray paint. Spray evenly, and watch for drips. Let dry completely in warm place, to minimize stickiness.

4. Once the ball is dry, drill several holes with bits of varying sizes. Begin with the largest one, and then work your way down. Use light pressure to embed the circular shape, and then press down to the complete the hole.  


5. Lastly, drill a tiny hole in the top of your ornament.

6. Use a sharp craft knife to clean up the holes, gently running the blade along the perimeter to shave away the excess plastic.

7.Make a loop in a piece of string, and tie a large knot at one end. Then, thread the loop through the small hole on top, using another hole to push the string from the inside. 

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Mickey on Jul 09, 2015:

Why can't we copy your pictures???? I wanted one of the dog caps and one of the ping pong ornament....Love your blog and all your goodies..

Willow on Sep 14, 2013:

This website is awesome and the creative things on here you can make my favourite one is modern paper ornaments

Van on Dec 06, 2010:

Clever, and a MUCH better price!

DIY Maven on Dec 03, 2007:

Very clever! And cute!

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