Make a Baby Food Jar Table Wreath!

Make a Baby Food Jar Table Wreath!

This super simple how-to will take you about five minutes to assemble and requires minimal supplies!

What you need:

  • 8 or so small, empty baby food jars
  • 3 stems of white daisy chrysanthemums–or blossoms/greenery of your choice
  • 1 large pillar candle
  • 1 large charger plate–or something equally round and plate-like
  • Decorative stones or marbles
  • A pair of clippers or sharp scissors
  • Floral preservative, optional

What you do:

First, fill the cleaned baby food jars with water and preservative. Add decorative stones or marbles.

Second, trim the stems of your blossoms, making some cuttings taller than others, and then place them in the baby food jars.

Third, position the pillar in the center of the charger plate and then arrange the flower-filled jars as depicted in the photo.

And you’re done!

Via flowerpossibilities.com.

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