Cool Magnetic Split Flower Pot

Split Flower Pot

Very cool. Stick these two separate flower pot halves on either side of your favorite window and watch as your guests ooh and aah about your seemingly-magical creation. Keep indoor plants on the inside and outdoor plants on the outside. The two halves are held together by magnets so you can move them around easily, should the need arise.

This is a design by Kyung-Eun Oh. No word on whether or not it's commercially available but this might be something you could put together yourself with a little time and energy.

Split Flower Pot 2

SOURCE: Yanko Design 

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Solar tronenergy on Jan 18, 2011:

COOL MAGNETIC SPLIT FLOWER POT!! i loved this unique decoration item.....it can make grills look so pretty :) :)

Dave on Oct 18, 2010:

@chet rico live up high

chet rico on Sep 20, 2010:

Whats to stop some kid from tearing one off from the outside thus wreaking havok on the inside?

bruno on Nov 27, 2007:

This would be totally DIY-able with some super strength magnets. Related: DIY magnetic flower vases video from The Fix Its

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