Handmade Books? (Or, help Chris with his homework...)

It's final exam time, and I'd like to turn in one of my projects in a book form. I don't want a scrapbook or something fancy, just a basic bound way to collect my work. Most of the material will come from documents printed from the computer, so I can't purchase a readymade option.  I need to bind already printed pages, not bind blanks sheets, then add the material later. I don't know how many pages there will be quite yet.

I think I'd just like to do a simple folded half page, in a style similar to a CD insert. I realize one would make two columns, put page 1 and the last page on one sheet, then page 2 and the second to last. Anybody have an idea to accomplish this quickly? Are there templates I can download? I want it to look sharp, but my efforts need to go into writing a great paper, rather than spending hours formatting it.

All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

Handmade Books? (Or, help Chris with his homework...)
 Photo from DickBlick.com

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