14 Creative Ways to ReUse Your Garbage.

Look into your garbage can: see anything that might still have some life left to it? Here's fourteen suggestions from the Simple Dollar to use your refuse in new and creative ways.

14 Creative Ways to ReUse Your Garbage.

Use covers from issues of The New Yorker as gift wrapping.

Add used dryer sheets to your stored clothes.

Make kitchen scrubbers with rubber bands from the Sunday paper and the mesh wrapping from fruit.

Use orange and lemon peels as air fresheners.

Use empty Kleenex boxes for under-the-sink storage, such as especially plastic bags.

Make stew from leftover chopped up vegetables.

Save a smaller bottle of many common household things (laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, shampoo), then buy the liquid inside in bulk.

Keep everything wooden for kindling.

Use the water for boiling vegetables and pasta to water house plants.

Use old tee shirts as kitchen rags.

Use old egg shells as garden fertilizer.

Use junk mail envelopes as grocery lists and note paper.

Use sturdy containers (like oatmeal cans) for storage.

Use old socks for dusting and window cleaning.

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Ayesha on Jun 04, 2011:

It is very good .

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