Silverware Chandeliers

Silverware Chandeliers

I have a lot of respect for people who see the beauty in everyday objects and re-purpose them to create something extraordinary. Fabbian’s lighting designer Ali Siahvoshi has done just that with this silverware chandeliers, which look like they could double as awesome wind chimes. Via Inhabitat.

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Tammie on Nov 04, 2015:

This would be super cute in an outdoor kitchen also, it would double as a wind chime.

Anonymous on Apr 07, 2015:

refine, refine, refine:  at least made with silverplate flatware:  thanks!

DIY Maven on Nov 18, 2007:

And who doesn't love cheap shiny things?! ;)

yeye_joijoi on Nov 17, 2007:

The thrift store near my house is a constant source of dish-related chandelier ideas. So many cheap shiny things!!

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