Fireplace vs. T.V.--the never ending saga

Where in my living room can I put my tv where it isn't going to compete with the fireplace as my focal point?  My living room only has about 2.5 walls and the main wall has the fireplace centered on it with a window on either side that goes straight down to the floor.  From what I've read one of my options is to get a plasma tv to mount above my fireplace--not preferable because not only would I dislike the neck strain but the fireplace has this crown molding type texture that follows the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling so, anything that I mount above the fireplace will interfere with the lines.  Or the put the tv in another room but I only have one living room and the tv won't fit up the stairs.  Any ideas on where I can put the tv so that the room will flow?

Fireplace vs. T.V.--the never ending saga


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lfc on Feb 21, 2011:

I have a very similar floor plan. My windows are on the walls perpendicular to the fireplace, and a partial wall across from the fireplace. So I have had to put the tv on the opposite wall of the fireplace. I floated most of the furniture in the room so that both the tv and fireplace can be viewed. A couch and love seat face each other with a coffee table between. I also put a chair angled in front and to the side of the fireplace.  Behind the couch I have a desk that serves as a desk and sofa table. On the other side of the room, I have a small game table and chairs. It turned out pretty well. It is a very comfortable room

thelivingbarbie on Nov 13, 2007:

You could put the tv at the wall opposite the fire place then put your couch/seating longways (perpendicular) between them. Two couches facing each other makes a cozy arrangement.

Or,  I have my tv on a little rolling cart so I just roll it away when I have company.


roomsthatwork on Nov 13, 2007:

I had the same prob w/my family room!  Would it fit angled in the top left corner?  Also, to make the fireplace your focal point, consider painting that wall a different, bolder color.  Good luck!

bruno on Nov 13, 2007:

Ugh, that's a tough one. The only real option I see is in that top right corner between the window and the hallway. If you're worried about it distracting from the fireplace, you could put it in a cabinet (so it'd be hidden). Good luck!

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