163 Things You Can Compost.

Of course, some of these are obvious, but it's important to note exactly what's safe and useful to throw in your compost bin or pile. If you haven't started, now its the perfect time, as the falling leaves and dying summer plants (tomato vines, corn stalks, etc) are the perfect compost fodder.

Compiled by Marion Owen, from HGTV.com 

163 Things You Can Compost.
Here's the first 30 or so, but do be sure to check out the whole list.

·  paper napkins

·  freezer-burned vegetables

·  pet hair

·  potash rock

·  post-it notes

·  freezer-burned fruit

·  wood chips

·  lint from behind refrigerator

·  hay

·  popcorn

·  freezer-burned fish

·  old spices

·  pine needles

·  leaves

·  matches

·  seaweed and kelp

·  chicken manure

·  leather dust

·  old herbs

·  bird cage cleanings

·  paper towels

·  brewery wastes

·  grass clippings

·  hoof and horn meal

·  molasses residue

·  potato peelings

·  unpaid bills

·  cotton plant waste

·  weeds

·  rabbit manure

·  hair clippings

·  stale bread

·  coffee grounds

·  wood ashes

·  sawdust

·  tea grounds

·  shredded newspaper

·  egg shells

·  cow manure

·  alfalfa

·  winter rye

·  grapefruit rinds

·  pea vines

·  houseplant trimmings


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Bonnie on Nov 05, 2015:

Thanks for the starter list, my favourite of all was "unpaid bills"
And dryer lint. Wish I'd seen this yesterday, I spent most of the day in the yard find put all the leaves into our little chimnea, if it ever cools off enough to have a fire, it's still in the 90's.

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