Make a Vasemaker for $1.50!

Make a Vasemaker for $1.50!

A couple weeks ago I wrote up a little profile about something called the Vasemaker, which is a ceramic ‘vase top’ that enables you to convert/elevate any kind of jar or glass into a bud vase. I thought it was kind of clever, but at 50 bucks a shot, I thought it was kind of spendy too. Especially for something so simple in design. So it started me thinking, which led me to a DIY version that costs–no lie–a buck fifty.


Stuff to get:

a square of wood picked up at the craft store for 49 cents (mine is 4" square)

something called a candle cup with a 5/8" hole, also found at the craft store in packages of 2 for 1 buck

Drill and ½" drill bit (or something close to ½")

Wood glue

Paint and/or polyurethane

Stuff to do:

Drill a hole in the center of the square of wood.

Drill a hole through the bottom of one of the candle cups.

Glue the candle cup to the wood square, matching up holes. Tape together, if desired.

Let dry.

Slap a couple coats of paint over your vase maker thing.

Slap a couple coats of poly over the paint, if necessary.

And voila....my $1.50 version of the Vasemaker. (Compete with a soft focus pic just like the original!)


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